Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seasonista Confessions

 [ kən fésh'n ]   

  1. admission of wrongdoing: an admission of having done something wrong or embarrassing
  2. admission of guilt: a voluntary written or verbal statement admitting the commission of a crime
  3. open acknowledgment of feelings: a profession of emotions or beliefs such as love, loyalty, or faith
Synonyms: admission, concession, revelation, acknowledgment

Hello, my name is Michelle... and I am a Seasonista...

No one ever said being a fashionista would be easy, but hey someone has to do it. When you ask most people what their favorite season is, some will say summer because of the warm sun and sandy beaches or fall because of the beautiful trees and crisp air. But when you ask a true fashionista her or his favorite season, most will say "Sale Season." As each season draws to a close and another begins, the 'seasonista' in side of me begins to awaken. Something about seeing the first price marked through or covered by a yellow sticker, brings a smile to my face.

However, please note not every sale is worth it but with a little time and a keen eye,  you can find treasures. Shopping off season is a great way to purchase items that you really want but normally could not afford. Take my pick of the week for example- blazers are very on trend and are a great transition from work to party item. The blazer below is from Marshalls, orginially $39.99 but marked down to $16.99. (that's right- under the $20 and some change budget!!!)

Another great thing about shopping off season is that you can try looks that you have been thinking about without the pressure of time. What do I mean? Think about this: you run out to the store for a cute blazer to wear on your first date with- well that doesn't matter- but you are unsure if blazers are for you. Now that it is crunch time, you rarely end up pulling off the great look idea that you envision. But if you shop off season, you can try the blazer look now and be ready for drinks with "Mr. Wonderful" when the moment arrives.

P.S. I know most of you are waiting for pix of the color block dress... I will put those up next week, when I discuss accessories :)

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  1. Cute blazer...love your blog and read every post!!