Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Work It

Anyone that knows me, knows I love to wear a scarf year round! It is the best accessory known to man (or woman) as far as I am concerned.
So it amazes me every time someone says they don't know how to pair a scarf with their everyday look. Trust me, it is not difficult at all. Lets take a  work look...

Work It!
This look, as is, is functional, trendy and professional. But it could be way better...

Work It- Pt 2

With the additional of a gold plate belt, multicolor infinity scarf and a statement bracelet, this look can go from Monday morning drab to Friday afternoon fab.

Make sure you to put one accessory on that doesn't match, just to mix it up. You'll be surprised, what you think won't work with the look will be the piece that pulls it all together... Just look at the Coach bracelet that I chose.
Work It- Pt 2

Aubin will
$41 -

Damsel in a Dress damsel in this dress
$140 -

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