Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trader Joe's Treasure

Hey guys! So I have been on the journey to completely natural hair for over two years. I will say, though there are challenging moments, it is the best thing you can do for your hair. A while back, my hair stylist asked me if I was going to turn into "one of those" clients that only used organic products once I became fully natural and I quickly responded no.

Don't get me wrong, organic products are great but most are over priced and overrated. However, every now and then, you can find a great product that your hair loves and that is wallet friendly.

Trader Joe's Tingle Tea Tree Shampoo is the perfect example. For around $3.00, this product leaves my hair clean and smelling great! The tea tree acts as a clarifying agent which cleanses the scalp with a menthol-like feel. Have you ever had a strong peppermint that opened your sinuses? That's what your head feels like after one use.

This sulfate-free product isn't just for African Americans or people who have coarse hair. Anyone who has dry scalp or just wants a shampoo that leaves their hair feeling thoroughly clean should give this product a try.

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