Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A jerk once said...

A jerk I was dating once said to me, "remember its quality over quantity, Michelle." Long after I stopped dating him, that statement still echoes in my mind. Love and fashion are the two things that stop my heart. A guy saying I love you and a brand new Louis Vuitton bag give my same heart papiltations. But my lack of love and honestly, lack of funds have led me to date and shop "on a budget." For that reason alone, I've decided to blog. This blog is not about trips to Neimans or Nordstrom, no, but blogs about the everyday woman with less than $50 to spend on herself but wants to always look flawless.

No more shopping sprees, now I spend $20 a week on myself and hope for the best. Ironically, I've enjoyed spending $20 and some change way more than hundreds. Through the course of this blog, I will post my purchase(s), the cost and a picture of how I wear it and who knows... some outfits might actually be for a date. Lets cross our fingers and see how this goes!


  1. I understand the Ideology well, in these economic times; it can come down to a dress or dinner. But, if you can get both and same a dime or two; quality vs quantity can be as simple as something used as appose to new.

    Great Idea, keep us informed.


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