Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fashion Week Designer Pick- Jason Wu

Since I wasn't able to go to New York for fashion week, I watched every minute I could on TV and Jason Wu's collection has been in my mind every since I saw it.

The man truly understands me... OK, well my style at least. His collection is a combination of leather and lace but with taste- who wouldn't love that?

 I read on a fellow blog his inspiration was 50 Shades of Gray- symbolizing the struggle with the prim and proper vs. the edgier and risky sides of every woman.

Here are my top 5 looks from his show including the finale gown. 

The trends to embrace from this collection are:
  • Mixing fabrics and prints- don't be afraid to not match your shirt and shoes.
  • Sheer is not going anywhere- get over it and buy a sheer top, they come in so many styles you can find one that fits your body and taste.
  • Try leather in another form other than a leather jacket. I've seen a few leather dresses which is a great alternative to a leather pant (PLEASE NOTE: leather pants ARE NOT for everyone!)
  • Lace it up! Every woman has a lace skirt or top in their closet that they overlook but Spring will be time to bring it out. Not sure how... take your time and try it different ways. We have a while until Spring anyway.

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